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Is there really space for yet another beauty brand? In a modern world where “feminism” has been declared the word of the year 2017 and where 5 million women march on the streets for equality and solidarity, one can (or maybe should) be sceptical. How does a beauty brand fit in a future that is female?For me, the answer is this: Surely not with the same old recipe of telling women what they should look like. The times of big commercial brands playing with women’s insecurities are passé.The Global Wellness Summit 2018, held in Palm Springs, Florida, identified a trend that spoke straight to my heart: More and more businesses would “put a brain back in the beauty equation”. It is a strong statement that in fact perfectly describes a sentiment that drove us to start Sweet Rumour.

From looking to feeling beautiful

For us, the main shift lies in the subtle difference between looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. This means acknowledging that beauty goes beyond traditional beauty concerns such as body shape, hair, skin, nails and makeup. To us, beauty is an inside job.

Beauty starts from within

That belief, coupled with our shared passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, led to the ambitious project of developing a nourishing liquid supplement that helps women to feel beautiful in their own skin. Because we feel the most beautiful when we feel healthy, energised and balanced, The Daily Nectar not only focuses on skin radiance but also on energy, immunity and hormonal balance.Led by a desire to inspire and support other women, here are the key points why we belong in the modern beauty industry:

Developed by women for women

  • We want to reach urban women who are, like us, tired of the old marketing tricks of big commercial beauty brands.
  • We are a female-only start-up that focuses on well-researched pain points of real women.

Holistic approach

  • Instead of looking for quick superficial fixes, The Daily Nectar follows a holistic approach to beauty that acknowledges the complexity of our bodies.
  • We provide insights and inspiration on how nutrition can impact well-being and beauty.

The best of science

  • We stick to well-researched ingredients that can support women in a combination with a healthy lifestyle.
  • To achieve this, we partnered with a leading scientist in her field to develop an innovative formula that combines state-of-the-art science with the best of nature.

No bullshit – only the good stuff

  • We went to great lengths to ensure that The Daily Nectar is free of unnecessary ingredients. It is free of chemical preservatives, colourants and emulsifiers. Making the liquid an all-natural clean beauty product has been one of the most ambitious goals of our project and we couldn’t be happier to have achieved it!
  • We also have a bullshit-free marketing policy. We get annoyed when brands take us for a ride, especially when pushing the anti-ageing angle. We work hard to achieve measurable effects such as skin hydration, protection from free radical damage, energy boost and hormonal balance.
Overall, we see ourselves as ambassadors of a movement that we call the #feelbeautiful movement. We want to inspire women to feel good in their own skin. We want to create a daily self-care routine for our followers that nourishes the body and boosts confidence.