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Straight or mixed? What is your favourite?

The Daily Nectar is developed for busy urban women. That is why it was so important for us to create an uncomplicated beauty routine that doesn’t require a lot of time, ingredients or preparation: One shot a day is all it takes. The Daily Nectar can be enjoyed pure and still tastes good (Cranberry-Cassis, sweetened with Stevia). 

However, for the connoisseurs amongst you, there are plenty of options to experiment with The Daily Nectar and spice things up a bit. You can mix The Daily Nectar with almost any cold beverage you desire: smoothies, juices, lemon water, coconut water, Kombucha etc. 

Of course you can get creative, but here are two of our favourites (because they are super easy and delicious):

15   ml    The Daily Nectar
100 ml    Freshly squeezed orange juice

Flower on top (optional)

The combination of fresh orange juice and The Daily Nectar is so simple yet delicious. And think of all the extra Vitamin C!



15   ml   The Daily Nectar
100 ml   Raspberry Kombucha

Flower on top (optional)

Kombucha is a fermented drink. This makes it a good source of probiotics, which may have added health benefits.



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Enjoy your new tasty beauty ritual.

Feel beautiful,
Mel & Neja