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Energising Boost for Skin, Body & Mind

“I have felt healthier and also looked healthier – fresh and not tired.”

– Christine

The Daily Nectar - Daily Boost

Looking and feeling tired. Dull skin and dark circles under the eyes. We get it! Our busy lifestyles can leave us exhausted and in need of a boost at times. So it’s only natural that looking and feeling more energised has become the No. 1 beauty and well-being goal for many busy women in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Maybe you have even tried several things before to boost your energy but it either didn’t work or it was too difficult to maintain the routine?

We have good news for women looking for a healthy boost!

While we don’t have a miracle cure that will make you look 10 years younger over night, we simply have 18 well-researched clean nutrients that deeply nourish your entire body from the inside out. The Daily Nectar is an energising blend of multivitamins, highly concentrated superfoods and collagen boosting nutrients. All in only one tasty shot a day and without any nasty additives, preservatives, or added sugars.

Our promise: Feel more energetic in 4 weeks 

We are Neja and Mel, two busy women in our late thirties. After years of struggling with exhaustion, we regained our energy with a healthy routine, consisting of numerous supplements. After a desperate search for a clean all-in-one solution that is easy to maintain for busy women like us, the idea for The Daily Nectar was born. What followed was 2.5 years of product and development, bringing together top experts in the area of nutrition, supplements and beauty.

Since then, The Daily Nectar community has grown rapidly and top skincare institutes and pharmacies in the Netherlands started selling The Daily Nectar to their clients.

How do I know whether The Daily Nectar works for me too? 

Before you purchase a box of The Daily Nectar or even consider our monthly subscription service, you want to know if The Daily Nectar delivers the results we promise. Don’t take our word for it. Here is some feedback from customers, beauticians and bloggers we are most proud of:

It is the first food supplement that convinces me.



I start every morning with this boost of nutrients “antioxidants, hyaluronic acid for beautiful skin, MEGA Vitamin C boost, but also vitamin D.” It tastes delicious. Often I drink it pure but sometimes also on the rocks with sparkling water or in a smoothie.


Food Blogger, Foodies in Heels

“One of my golden tips for beautiful, healthy skin: One shot of The Daily Nectar every day!”

Karlijn Visser

Co-founder, Holistik

Mijn oprechte mening: Klinkt allemaal leuk en aardig, maar wat is jóuw oprechte mening Rory? Laat ik eerst voorop stellen dat dit niet een ‘miracle cure‘ is. Wat je wèl zou kunnen merken is dat The Daily Nectar een positief effect heeft op je immuunsysteem. En dat je een – ik kan het niet anders omschrijven – ‘glow‘ over je krijgt. Een glans, een sparkle, een soort van natuurlijke filter.



“I am so happy to use your product. I feel like it really helps me. (The baby is still a terrible sleeper, so I only get a few hours of sleep myself every night. So with all the product-help in the world I would still feel tired I think 😉 But I do really feel more positive and during the beginning of the day I feel like I have more energy. Also, I love the taste of The Daily Nectar so much!” – Roos

“My energy level is increasing!” – Ludmilla

“After a wonderful year of recovering after a pregnancy I would like to stop my subscription.. I feel very energized and healed and I think The Daily Nectar was part of this!” – Anne

“I give The Daily Nectar 5*! I feel more happy, less down. I can handle stress better and feel ‘lighter’/happier/easier. Don’t know the right word for it.” – Roos

Customer Voices - Results may vary from one person to another


Why choose The Daily Nectar as a boost: 

✔ 3-in-1: Simplify your supplement routine

For results that you can see and feel

✔ Feel more energetic

✔ Boost collagen production for visibly firmer, more radiant skin after 4-6 weeks

By choosing The Daily Nectar, you can stop spending money on other supplements and on remedies that only cover-up instead of nourishing from within.

Instead, invest in your body and boost your energy while working on your skin goals.

When you choose for our more economic subscription service (cancel any time!), your healthy routine only costs €1.96 /day. This is less than the cup of coffee which you can now spare thanks to the energising effect of The Daily Nectar.


Are you not satisfied? Then you get your money back!

Our “Feel The Boost Within 3 Weeks Or Else Get Your Money Back Guarantee”!

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with Sweet Rumour’s results or service, we will refund the full purchase price – including shipping costs – without any conditions.

You don’t have to prove anything

You do not have to fill in extensive forms

Or answer difficult questions

A simple email or direct message on Instagram up to 21 days after purchase is sufficient.

Mel & Neja

Order your healthy boost today.

Are your curious after reading the reviews and experiences with The Daily Nectar? Thanks to our money-back-guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Head to our shop and find all options for buying The Daily Nectar:

Buy one box for 69 € (4-week-supply) or choose for our monthly subscription service and get a new box delivered to your doorstep every month for only 59 € /month – cancel any time!